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  • Non Metallic housing suitable in coastal areas

  • Harsh chemical environments

  • Waterproof

  • Dustproof

  • Oiltight

  • Uses Pilla lift cover ( Part No.PILCLHCOV1)

  • Legends for HVAC, Boiler, Ventilation, Fuel, Gas, Exhaust or any customer main legend

  • Type PILKBR contacts blocks are Finhersafe contact blocks. They have one screw mounting and captive (backed-break) plus/minus terminal screws. These contact blocks are double-break, direct-acting contacts. Because of the wiping action of these contacts, they are suitable for use with programmable controllers, All contact blocks listed below accept up to 2 # 12 # 24 AWG solid or stranded wires.

  • Operator is held in a depressed position by a glass disc. When the glass disc is broken with hammer, button returns to a normal extended position.

  • Contact blocks rated 10 AMP continuous up to 600 Volts*

  • Accepts up 2 PILKBR

  • Standard models: Type PILKBR contacts remain open/closed with a glass disc intact--close/open when a glass disc is broken

  • One extra replacement lens included with each ST120 (also See PILENS@ Series PIL accessories preceeding page

  • SPECIFIC LEGENDS AVAILABLE IN ANY LANGUAGE: Add model suffix SL (specify text)

  • *NOTE: Contact block (s) supplied separately. See Series PIL accessories preceeding page.

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